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Looking for work? A Part-Time or Full Time Job

What about a job you can do from home? Or even keep your present full time job? Worried about pension?

Business Opportunity

Welcome to an overview of the Microsupply business opportunity. Microsupply is a privately owned Company operating within a fast expanding consumer and business driven market worth in excess of £2.16 billion. This site offers the facts about Microsupply and an outstanding business opportunity that is creating wealth and a lifetime of residual income for many existing sales associates
Whether you're seeking flexible home-based work, an additional profit centre for your business, a pension top-up or a complete change of direction that will pay you what you're really worth, Microsupply may offer the solution.

Benefits include:

  • Substantial income potential by saving others money on products they already use
  • Build your financial security - long-term monthly residual income
  • Payment for results - generous bonuses paid monthly
  • Substantial ongoing promotional bonuses
  • No initial investment and no stock to buy
  • Minimal financial accounting - no cash to handle
  • You in the driving seat - no bosses or employees
  • Flexible time - work part-time or full-time
  • Full training and support - learn from the success of the Company's top performers
  • 100% credible opportunity

Make an informed choice

Our goal is to support you in making an educated decision. As a Microsupply Sales Associate, we have an open agenda and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

About the opportunity

Microsupply offers products that could potentially be used by every household and business in the UK. These products are essential commodities that will save people considerable amounts of money and that do not require an ongoing monthly time commitment to ensure their repeated use. Therefore, more than any other business opportunity, Microsupply offers virtually unlimited private income generating potential.

If your goal is to generate a secure income via a secure and credible business opportunity, the best time to join is when the foundations have been laid and there are clear, realistic projections for growth.

About the products

Would you like to get paid generous customer gathering bonuses of up to £10 and then an ongoing life-time residual income of up to 30% every time one of your customers:

  • Orders a toner?
  • Uses an Inkjet?
  • Uses office supplies?
  • Orders cleaning products?
  • Uses Medical supplies?

Microsupply products include cheap laser and inkjet toner, a range of office stationery supplies as well as cleaning and medical products. Further products offer guaranteed savings on electronic office supplies and peripherals.

Microsupply offers customers a very simple (and totally unique) brokerage service which enables virtually every business in the UK to pay reduced rates for all their supplies.

How much can you earn?

Unlike some plans, with Microsupply there are no monthly qualifications required in order to receive an ongoing income, and you can start earning money from day one. Compensation is dependent on the customer gathering and Sales Associate recruitment efforts of you and your down-line team.

In short, a customer gathering bonus of up to £10 will be paid for each new customer gathered, along with an ongoing commission of up to 20% of your personal customers spend (profit). You will also earn an ongoing commission of up to 5% on the products used by customers gathered by your team, as well as potential additional bonuses for every customer gathered.

What can be achieved in the longer term?

Due to the dynamic nature of the Microsupply compensation plan, income potential is virtually limitless. £100 - £250 per month is achievable from month one and very much on a part-time basis. Monthly incomes in excess of £2,000 are common place, with the top executives earning £5,000+ per month.

The Microsupply business works and is producing life-changing incomes for many existing executives. This fact cannot be argued. The real question to ask is - what level of income would make a difference to you

Team Support

By joining Microsupply Sales Team, you will be joining one of the fastest growing and forward thinking teams in the business. As a result, you will gain access to several of the highest earners, along with their experience and support. We will offer you the mentorship of an existing distributor who already understands how to succeed in this business.

How do you join?

You can join the Microsupply team at no cost.

Sales Associate (SA)

As a Microsupply Sales Associate, you can gather personal customers, as well as sponsoring new executives. You can combine the benefits of personal customer gathering with the income generating potential of building a Microsupply team. As a Microsupply Sales Associate there is no limit to the amount you can earn each month. If your motivation is to generate a significant residual income, we would advise you to join as an Independent Distributor

Customer Gathering Associate (CGA)

As a Microsupply Customer Gathering Sales Associate you will receive a discount on your own Office Supplies from Microsupply. The more customers you introduce, and the more they spend, the larger your discount will become.

Now you're in a 'win - win' situation. There is absolutely nothing to lose apart from a little time. Microsupply is still a young company. This is still a ground floor opportunity

What next?

If you have had sufficient information and wish to evaluate the Microsupply risk-free offer, please contact us now on 0845 644572 or


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