Inkjet Printer Maintenance

Looking after your inkjet printer avoids repairing or replacing clogged nozzles. You can maintain your inkjet printer by cleaning nozzles and print head alignment, which can be done via the printer.

Signs of clogging are when poor colors or lines appear in prints. To bring the nozzles back to normal, perform a nozzle check or clean the printheads. Both these maintenance processes consume ink, so don’t use them unnecessarily.

Accessing the maintenance tools is done either through your printer driver or your computer systems printer control panel. Let a maintenance procedure run full cycle once it begins, before shutting the printer off.

Nozzle check

Test whether the print heads are working properly when your printouts become faint or certain colours fail to print.
  • Use the utility that performs a nozzle check pattern so a test pattern is printed to show if there are gaps. This may indicate a specific ink cartridge is clogged. Faint lines usually indicate clogged nozzles.
Cleaning print heads

Required if the nozzle check indicates that cleaning is needed. If the inkjet printer is completely clogged, clean the print heads which removes blockages in the nozzles.
  • Sometimes cleaning must be performed more than once to be successful. In this instance run additional nozzle checks.
  • If the printer has more than one mode to clean the heads, use the deep cleaning mode if the standard cleaning mode isn’t enough.
Print head alignment

If the nozzle test show that colours and lines are not in order, or there is banding, you will need to align the print heads. This will align the heads correctly and is usually run after new print heads have been installed.

If there is still a problem after cleaning and alignment, contact the manufacturer for the cost of repair. If your printer is unfortunately no longer covered under warranty, assess whether repair costs are worth it. Buying a new printer is sometimes the best option.

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