Which laser toner cartridge do you buy? Part 1

Part 1

Advantages of Buying OEM (original) Toner Cartridges

OEM (original) Toners are manufactured to the highest precision level and are ideal for providing the best print quality. They were once considered to have a lower fail rate and have a lower probability of leaking toner into your printer. However, remanufactured ink cartridges are now being produced to the highest standard with stringent quality testing now in place.

Disadvantages of Buying OEM Toner

The high cost is the main disadvantage of buying OEM branded toners. The initial cost of laser printers has decreased in recent years, but printer manufacturers make up their low initial profit by in the cost of toners and paper. Another problem with OEM toner cartridges is the environmental factor. Discarding toner cartridges, which are not biodegradable is an unnecessary environmental hazard. Buying a remanufactured toner is much more environmentally friendly.

See Part 2 for Advantages of using Remanufactured and Compatible laser toner cartridges.

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