The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Refilled Cartridges

Part 3

The Advantages of Refilled Cartridges

You may be lucky or you might just end up spending more than what it would cost you to purchase new ink cartridges on fixing the problems that can occur.

The advantages are in the low cost of a re-filled cartridge and that you are recycling a cartridge and doing your bit for the environment.

The Disadvantages of Refilled Cartridges

The disadvantages can however far outweigh the advantages. Buying cheap inks or making a mess will not only spoil the prints but irreparably damage your printer. Refilling your ink cartridge can be difficult: if air within the cartridge is not properly balanced then the ink will not flow evenly and you will end up with uneven prints.

Some other problems that occur with ink refills are leaks, ink streaks and clogged printer heads. They also tend to last for a shorter time than normal ink cartridge prints. If the cartridge does leak into your machine and if the cartridge is not guaranteed then you are not only left with a mess but the possibility of a broken printer that will not be guaranteed by the manufacturer to fix in such circumstances.

So what do you choose?

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