How to buy Shredders

Why do you need a shredder?
Shredders help protect against identity fraud. Shredding documents that contain personal or sensitive information is the best way to prevent this crime.

What is the DIN rating?
Shredders offer a range of security levels: the higher the DIN rating, the smaller the cut.
  • Ribbon Cut: shred paper into unreadable strips for everyday security
  • Confetti or Crosscut: shred paper into smaller pieces providing higher security and reducing bulk waste.

Din Definition Cut (approx sizes) Suggested Usage
1 Basic Ribbon +6mm Everyday documents, receipts
2 Everyday Ribbon 3.9-6mm Financial information
3 Confidential Confetti 4x50mm-2x50mm Sales data, personal & personnel documents
4 Sensitive Confetti 2x15mm Personal files
5 Top Secret 0.8x11mm Governments & military documents

Maintaining your shredder
Confetti or cross cut shredders require occasional maintenance but to keep them in good condition, oil each time the waste bin or bag is emptied.

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