Choosing an economical printer

Some useful points to consider:

1. If the printer is cheap the ink or toners may not be
Cheap printers may seem like a good deal but manufacturers often drop prices on the machine and mark up the ink and toners to excessive prices. One way to tell is to divide the cost of the cartridge by the page yield (the number of pages that the cartridge can print) The printer ink or toner cost per page won't reflect other printer costs like special paper for inkjets or a laser machine's belts, drums or printer head cartridges.

2. Print Speed
A slow printer can waste your time so check the printer specs before you buy. Bear in mind that the manufacturer's may be qu
oting page per minute (ppm) in draft mode to make the printers seem faster than they are. Most people will be printing in normal mode for the majority of the time for quality printing.

3. Special Paper or Plain
Some inkjets require special coated paper to product the best result but can end up costing a fortune. Alot of inkjets can print to a certain standard on plain paper. Before you buy decide if you can afford to buy special paper for all your quality printing.

4. Cheap Paper Trays
Some manufacturer's cut costs with cheap printers by providing weak paper trays. Check this out before you buy.