Compatible toners save you money

It's official! Non branded toners save you money. As if we didn't know!In an article at statistics claimed to show massive savings in households and businesses.

"In a YouGov survey of 2000 households, for Environmental Business Products, the company found that switching labels could save households a combined £440 million a year. "

"According to the research, branded cartridges typically cost £30 each, which creates an annual bill of £145.50 - the same as a television licence. It said if buyers of branded cartridges - approximately 10.1 million households - instead bought private label versions from high-street retailers and supermarkets, which are around 30 percent cheaper, they would save £43.65 per household per annum or a combined £440 million. Currently only 18 percent of households exclusively buy private-label versions."

Again, as long as you are purchasing quality compatible/ remanufactured toners and cartridges you will be getting the quality and page yield you would expect from a branded/OEM cartridge. Always check that the non-branded version is guaranteed on both the toner and the machine it is placed in so in the event that the machine breaks down with the cartridge in, an engineer is sent out to sort out the problem.

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