Problems with Laser Printers

The majority of our NHS customers have Brother or HP Laser Jet printers so we are quite well versed in troubleshooting laser printers!

  1. The Obvious: (but sometimes overlooked)
    Check fuses or circuit breaker (if you are able to do this) if your printer is plugged in but doesn't start. Remove the printer to PC USB or parallel cable and put back in to check they it hasn't been knocked out of place. Also check on your PC through Device Manager and look for yellow exclamation mark or red X next to any USB devices. If the printer has an online/offline button check this hasn't been switched accidentally.
  2. Update your printer driver
    Go to the manufacturer's website to install new drivers. This may be useful for Windows PC users
    Windows XP: Select Start-Printers and Faxes-Add a Printer (from Printer Tasks in Printers and Faxes window)
    Windows 98, ME, 2000: Uninstall the printer driver and reinstall.
    Select Start-Settings-Printers. Right click your printer icon-select delete and Add Printer.
  3. Print Test Page:
    This can either be done through the printer properties on the computer or on the printer itself. If the test page looks ok then check the cables, PC or software. (see point 2 on drivers)
  4. Solutions to Test Page Problems:


    Possible Cause


    Small white spots

    Paper may be too thick or damp as toner not sticking to it.

    Change type of paper

    All black page

    Faulty charger coroner wire.

    Re-insert toner. If problem continues replace toner cartridge

    All white page

    Toner is low or faulty transfer corona wire.

    Light or uneven print

    Toner is getting low

    Take toner out and give it a shake to redistribute.

    Part of image prints

    No memory left in printer.

    Lower print resolution or add printer memory.

    Margin offset, odd spacing or text alignment

    Image or document too large for print area.

    On printer driver's Paper tab check settings for Unprintable Area.

    Vertical black line on page edge

    Toner is faulty or empty or may have leaked.

    Replace your toner cartridge (refill cartridges prone to this)

  5. Paper Jams
    Pull any jammed paper from the printer in the direction it would normally come out of printer. If it keeps jamming then turn it off and let it cool down. Take the toner cartridge out and check there is nothing obvious inside printer that is obstructing the paper movement. Don't poke around too much as you may damage your printer which won't be covered in your guarantee.
I hope this is useful for all laser printer users!