Printer stopped working after replacing ink cartridges?

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There are a number of reasons why a printer could have stopped working after replacing ink cartridges but there are ways to resolve the problem or establish the cause.
  1. Check the removable tab that stops the ink from dispersing has been properly removed.
  2. Check the ink cartridges have been fitted into your machine properly - make sure you hear them click in.
  3. Check all levers that enable ink cartridges to be added have clicked back into their correct positions.
  4. Run a head clean on the printer.
  5. Check for software errors on your computer or printer LCD and print a test page.
  6. If you are using compatible ink try turning off the printer and resetting as some printers are programmed to only accept original ink but this can be over ridden.
  7. Consult your printer manual or web page help if lights are flashing. Most problems can be resolved but last resort is to contact the printer manufacturer.