How to Keep a Green Office

The office is a typical environment for waste in electricity: through lights and computers and paper that gets thrown away on a daily basis.

It is however easier than you think to cut down on waste in on...

1. Save electricity
  • If there's a lift - use the stairs! Save energy and lose calories - great after the Christmas holidays!
  • Get in the habit of turning off lights every time you leave your office or area, even if it’s only for a few minutes. It is an urban myth that you use more electricity turning lights on and off.
  • Draw back curtains or blinds and let all the natural light in!
  • Take mobile charger out of wall socket when it’s finished charging. Leaving your phone connected to the charger once it’s finished charging actually uses just as much electricity as when it’s charging.
  • Only boil as much water in the kettle as you need as kettles suck up electricity.
2. Cut down on waste
  • Use scrap paper to take messages, write reminders, etc... then recycle
  • Email or read on screen wherever possible to avoid too much printing.
  • Regularly update mailing lists and delete any that are out of date.
  • Avoid fax cover sheets when you really don't have to.
  • Create business cards for departments rather than for individual people.
  • Use scrap paper that has writing on one side to create draft documents. Always make sure that all staples and paper clips have been removed.
3. Recycle
  • Buy compatible or remanufactured toners rather than buying new.
  • Use recycling bins for paper, plastic, cans and cardboard and place them where everyone can see them.
  • Use a mug not plastic disposables.
  • Car share with a friend on the way to and from work, take the bus, walk or cycle.
4. Pass It On

Tell your office that you’re going green and encourage everyone to join in!
Going green is especially important when there is concern about using up our resources and reducing consumption. Office spaces are one of the easiest places to go green, and maybe even save some overhead costs too!