10 Top Tips for using Google AdWords

Google Adwords can seem like a minefield but you can try it out with some of the freebies that Google send and see what you think.

This will hopefully help generate higher click through rates and lower cost per click with your created ads. The way it works in a nutshell is if you are using a common keyword it will cost you more per click so it is important to get it right or you can just waste money.

1. Be Keyword Savvy
You need to understand how it works with keywords. Use square brackets around each keyword eg [keyword]. If someone searches on the exact keyword/phrase you have included in the brackets your ad will show but only if exact. So if your keyword was [cartridges] your ad wouldn't show up if someone typed [ink cartridges]

2. Test more than one Ad
You won't know what works if you don't test at least 2 ads at the same time. You can then analyse them and find out which produces you the higher click through ratio. The ad that doesn't really work should then be replaced by another. If you continue like this you will have a greater chance of finding your ad that produces the higher click through ratio.

3.Use keywords in your Ad
Use in the title and description of ad so you are making good use of your targeted keywords - Google highlights these in bold hopefully capturing users attention.

4.Highlight your benefits in Ad
Use your benefits to interest the consumer eg save money

5.Try to grab the users attention
Attention grabbing headlines will lead user into reading further eg New, Free, Sale etc...

6.Highlight your benefits in Ad
Use your benefits to interest the consumer eg save money

7.What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
Decide what it is and sell it. Why are you different/better than your competitors. Try and think up a powerful tagline that says it all in just a few words eg BMW "the ultimate driving machine"

8.Link to landing pages that mean something
An ad for a specific product/service needs to have links to that particular specific product/service otherwise you will lose the customer. Be interesting, informative and relevant. Avoid using the homepage as your landing page.

9.No common words
There are limited words allowed so every word should count so get rid of words like "an, of, in, on, it, a" etc..

10.Time wasters
Time wasters will only cost you per click. So avoid those looking for freebies by including price. This will not only improve your overall conversion rate (from click to sale) but also lower your customer acquisition cost (wasted clicks). Remember you only want potential customers

I hope this is helpful, it certainly helped us. Remember advertising is about testing to see what works and it never ends. Keep testing different keywords to get the best out of your ads.