Keep Trim in the Office

1. Walk to other departments instead of emailing and take a break from the computer screen too.

2. Eat healthy snacks and avoid high calorie ones as well as tea or coffee. Stack your drawer with nutritious snacks such as nuts, seeds, raisins, dry fruits, fresh fruits, raw veg and herbal teas.

3.Drinking strong coffee increases your metabolism because of the caffeine. However, it should be black coffee, minus the cream and sugar.

4. Use a wireless headset for phone calls so you can also take a walk around the office at the same time. Try and take a 5 minute brisk walk at regular intervals of 2 hours. By the end of the day, this will eventually add up to a 20 minute walk.

5. Drink ice cold water. This will boost the metabolism rate of your body burning calories while sitting at your desk.

6. Just standing can also help to burn calories. Always keep moving even when you are working at your desk.

7. Use stairs instead of lifts or park slightly further away from the office so you have to walk further.

8. Pack lunch at home so you are not tempted to eat unhealthily. This will also save money.