The Stone of Scone or Stone of Destiny

A bit of local Scottish History

The Stone of Scone otherwise known as the Stone of Destiny (An Liath Fàil in Scottish Gaelic or Coronation Stone in England) is an oblong block of red sandstone. It was used for centuries initially for the coronation of Scottish monarchs then later the monarchs of England and since 1603, British monarchs. The stone was kept at Scone Abbey in Scone, near Perth, Scotland.

The Stone, was apparently the pillow where Jacob dreamt of angels and the stairway to heaven. Many think it was brought to Ireland by Phoenician traders who were escaping religious persecution. It was then taken by the Irish Dalriada to Scotland where it was used to install Monarchs of the territory at Iona, Dunadd and then Dunstaffrage. It was Kenneth McAlpine who finally brought the Stone to Scone. It was an extremely important symbol of Scottish Monarchs so the English stole the Stone in 1296 taking it to Westminster. Many believe the Stone was actually a replica used to fool the invaders.