Troubleshooting Laser Printers

  • Fuzzy laser output could mean you have a dirty corona wire or you simply running out of toner. Horizontal lines or splotches may mean damaged or dirty print drums or rollers. A quick fix is simply to change the cartridge as some of these components are part of the cartridge.
  • Laser images that look stretched or compacted may be caused by the driver motor not moving the paper through at the correct speed.
  • If a laser printer won't connect on-line the may be a communication interface problem or faulty control panel. Remove the cable and turn the printer on. If it goes "online" or is "ready" then you may need to change the cable or connector.
  • Printing black pages is usually a broken or faulty corona wire. If the corona wire is intact then replace the toner cartridge.
  • If the print is speckled, the primary corona grid is damaged in the toner cartridge. Replace the toner cartridge.
  • White streaks appearing may be rectified by shaking toner cartridge to evenly distribute powder or clean the transfer corona assembly. Any dirt on the assembly will prevent it from holding electrical charge needed to attract the toner from the drum.
  • Repetitive patterns like identical smudge every 2 inches may be caused by a defective fusing roller. Check the manufacturer's manual for cleaning procedures.