Microsupply Office Supplies Charity Discounts UK

In addition to our discount offered to NHS run GP Surgeries, we have broadened our special rates to include UK Charities and Voluntary Bodies. There are so many helpful organisations throughout the UK that help those in vulnerable situations, that have to cope with daily struggles either as a result of medical conditions, disabilities, or other disadvantages - and most of these are struggling with funding and donations, especially through this current financial climate.

Many of these organisations run on donations and volunteer support – and the services they offer can be an essential lifeline to those they help. In these budget busting times – every penny counts especially with this type of organisation, and we are happy to be able to offer any charitable body or organisation the best discounts we can on their printer consumables or other office supplies required.

If you know of, or are a organisation yourself - get in touch with us and we usually send a fax where we ask you to fill in with whatever printer models you use, and any other regular or occasional office supplies you may need, and we will search our suppliers and get the best price we can for you. Tel 0845 6445200