3D Dental Printer Breakthrough

A new development in medical imaging together with computer aided design means that an exact blue print can be created for prosthetic dentistry with the results being produced using 3D printer. Previous problems with waiting for dental implants can now be solved quicker than ever before by scanning your jaw and teeth with a new prototyping machine and printing polymor results on the 3D printer.

Iranian Researchers are mastering the art of using the blue print, which can build up the image into a exact replica using biocompatible composite material. Although current technology uses MRI or CT scans -to actually produce the prosthesis requires milling techniques, whereas rapid prototyping uses the 3D image to create an exact replica of any shape, even with irregular over hangs, sharp corners and undercuts. This whole process should be more effective as well as speedier, costing less and exposing patients to less hazardous procedures.