Laser Toner Printer Vs Inkjet Printers

Pro's of Laser Toner Printers
Usually much faster than inkjet, and cheaper to run in the long term
More robust, will cope with larger print runs
Need little in the way of maintenance
Best for black and white printing
Smudge free results
Much sharper production of text and graphics

Pro's of Inkjet Printers
Initial cost of printer is low, but the cartridges are quite pricey
Ideal choice if not likely to be printing large amounts regularly
Only one item to be replaced - as opposed to various components that will eventually need replacing
Better effects with photo printing though not as speedy but much more effective

The choice of printer will of course rely on your needs - whether the technology is needed for business, or whether it's to meet the needs of family life with occasional printing and most likely photo production. Once your type of printer has been decided on - check for recent reviews on independent sites, specs are important but real life recommendations more so.