10 Tips To Shrink Your Office Supply Bill

1. Be aware of how much paper and printer products you use. Create a chart to fill in when a new box of paper and toner or cartridges are opened.  You may be surprised at how much you are going through.

2. If your automatic recation is to bin scrap paper or mis prints, then use a bin specifically for this and re gather the paper into scrap paper notepads for phone messages, or notes.

3. Next time a large document needs sharing around the office,  use google documents to create it and share it within the office via a link, especially if it needs referring to again, or use Powerpoint Presentation and copy it to everyone.

4. Be strict with your use of Print Preview - ensure that you really do preview EVERYTHING before you print it out, it'll save you time, frustration and paper too.

5. Ever lost that scrap of paper that had the very important message on it ? Try emailing phone message to staff instead - less likely to get lost.

6. Check your printer settings - Draft setting uses alot less ink than Best setting - and should be the default unless really needed.

7. Paper does indeed have two sides to it ! Remember this and gather sheets that are not needed and keep them to be used in others ways - pass them onto someone who has small children, you'll find they ALWAYS need more paper !

8. Check your mailing lists at least three times a year - does everyone really need that promo material ? A quick discovery of who still is appreciating rather than cursing your posted matter would save you both some stress.

9. Fax cover sheets - are these really needed ? Consider this before you send - wasting time and money is not the way to do business in this day and age.

10.  Consider using recycled paper for non official printing, and re manufactured printer cartridges from a good quality supplier. You may be pleasantly surprised at the quality and cost saving results.