5 Top Tips From A Livelier Office Routine In Scotland

An office setting is not the most conducive to an active day - offices tend to be full of sitting down furniture for a start, and screens to be peered at, but there are ways to improve your levels of activity without attempting to complete your work whilst on a pogo stick, honest. Here are five of them:

We all like a laugh, and the reality is that laughing not only releases feel good chemicals throughout the body, making us feel more alive and content - but it's also infectious, one laugh can quickly bring an office full of cheer. Obviously, we aren't recommending staff members arrive in Co-Co the Clown suits, but finding the odd funny email, or sharing a humorous tale (as long as it's not at anyone's expense) can make the difference between a run of the mill day at the mill, or a smiley day in the system.

Any movement is better than no movement, arms and legs included. This does not mean you should be wildly flailing your limbs whilst replenishing your stapler, but by creating blood flow with a discreet hourly wee wander or stretch will pump blood back to the heart and brain which will help in keeping you more awake.

Whilst we know we should drink more water - pure water, as opposed to water in a cunning disguise of juice, coffee or tea....few of us do, in fact if you never feel thirsty - it's a sign that you don't drink enough.  Not only will it keep you hydrated, it also helps towards a healthy complexion - keeping you glowing and going. Another one to remember - if you feel in need of a snack - you may actually be thirsty instead, so get over to the water source and get a glass of the good stuff - killing a few calories and thwarting a few more.

Seems so easy doesn't it - but if you are spending most of the day in front of a desk - do make sure its ergonomically good for you - this means at the correct height, with the screen at the appropriate distance from you. Although it's possible to function without these specifications, long term bad practise will lead to back pain, eye strain and possible repetitive strain injury

Machines - whilst we all need them, we also need to be away from them - being surrounded by servers, computers, machines of all types will not do your health or your head any good. Lunch breaks, or breaks of any description - do actually mean what they say - a 'break' from where you are and what you usually do. Make it all the more beneficial - actually leave the building and get into the open air if you can, even 5 minutes of fresh air will clear your head of any electric fog build up and recharge your go-get-them levels. A break at the office desk IS NOT A BREAK !!!