Erasable Printer Paper i2R e-paper Microsupply Scotland

Printer technology is fair speeding along these days - going from 3D printing to reusable paper in one month - the mind boggles where we will be come next year.  Developers in Taiwan have created a similar thermal material to the type that is used in fax machines - but with the additional bonus of the printing being able to be removed and rewritten up to 260 times.

This ideal replacement for signs and poster materials used around the world, has been created by Taiwans Industrial Technology Research Institute. Unlike previous devices which used electrodes - this new form imitates paper much more - being light, flexible and rewritable - as true to an e-paper as possible.

The "i2R e-paper" can produce different colours, and whilst it needs to be connected to electricity to erase it's contents, it does not require any back lighting. This ingenious matter is already in production - and it is predicted that it will be available to consumers with in two years.