Meet The New Breed Of Micro Moggies Office Supplies Scotland

We readily admit to loving our new gang of Microsupply Moggies - and whilst the original plan was to give away these highly squishable soft items with 3 of any Toners, or 2 of any Drums, we've become pretty attached to them, in and out the office - they've turned out to be alot more up for fun than your usual Moggie, and cleaner around the home too !!

Here's Linux the Snow Leopard, whose liking the cooler weather  in Scotland,
as he found it a bit warm in Basildon where he originates from (but does miss home a wee bit).
This handsome chap is Inky The Panther, the most thoughtful of the bunch -
he enjoys a bourbon biscuit or two, and tries to meditate at least twice a day
Xerox the Leopard - what can I say - looks like the most compliant of the pack,
but we've had no end of trouble keeping him away from trees, cappuccinos and gazelles
Surprising that the two most ferocious Micro Moggies have become so friendly with each other -
but Tam The Tiger and Lex The Lion, enjoy cosying up together after a good hearty meal of
doughnuts, chipmunks and cheese sticks

Perhaps now you can see why we are becoming so attached - I'm guessing we really shouldn't have named them !  Of course, when they become part of YOUR office or home - feel free to rename them,
possibly with less printer orientated names !

To enquire about rehoming any of these Moggies contact 0845 6445200