Micro Moggies Fools Autumn in Scotland

The last of summers blooms have been enticing our Micro Moggie (Kodak The Lion) into bushes and trees, worrying traffic wardens (!) and small people everywhere we go.  Who can blame him though - currently we are going through A Fool's Autumn - where the recent change in temperature has produced early colour change in the local fauna. Who'd have thought - I think these means we get two Autumns ! 

Two Autumns, could well mean two periods of rampant Micro Moggies chasing leaves and leaping out from bushes at Traffic Wardens - what am I going to do ? Blog reader, my friend, for my own sanity, I urge you to rehome one of these marvellous moggies  - easily done with the purchase of toners or drums, compatible or otherwise.