Microsupply Moggies Give Away

Much as we are thrilled with our office supplies and know that our current customers are too - we're upping the stakes in customer enticement ! We're lucky to announce the arrival of a fresh litter of Microsupply Moggies - and plush and squishy as they are - we can only house so many of them here in our office, and feel the need to find them worthy new homes with our customers.

In fact, they are causing a fair dose of chaos at our desks - think this one was eyeing up our chocolate brownies, which we had to save quickly before they caused any to the cats any harm, ahem. Cats and chocolate = fur crisis to say the least.  So, to save our brownies and to give a handy fix of furry bliss to your office - we are (lovingly) sending these Moggies out with any order of 3 or more toners, and 2 or more drums to our current customers, and also as a welcome to new customers who place an order for printer consumables, at our office managers discretion - possibly whether she has any brownies left or not !!!