Office Supplies - Leopards and Sellotape Don't Mix

It's been all go here - mostly trying to control our Micro Moggies and keep them happy - the new office environment and lack of gazelles have been stressing out Jet our Micro Leopard, and he has finally got bored of chasing rolls of sellotape. The last thing you need around the office - and I'm sure you'll agree with this - is a stressed leopard - however small and adorable they may seem.

At the weekend, we braved the concept of 'out about town' with our Leopard friend - showing him the local wonders of fabulous Perth, and I think he got kind of over whelmed. Luckily, the cafe options in Perth are pretty good, and we somehow managed to wangle getting Jet a table inside - through deft use of a plastic bag and winning smile - where for a short time he settled down to a lemon meringue cookie and a de-caff cappucino (there are limits you know).

As any good carer of small wild beasts will know - once consumed - sugar needs to be run off, especially with speedy land mammals, and so to the park we headed. I can't say that it was an entirely relaxing saunter round the park, and I do admit that some locals we're a wee bit disturbed - but no one was injured in the making of this Microsupply Adventure, and eventually the beast was still and slept through the night.

Anyone willing to take over the care of one of our Micro Moggies, is VERY welcome, in fact new customers to us will automatically receive a free furry beast with their first order over £50. This isn't to say our regular customers will be missing out - order 3 toners for your printer, or 2 drums and we will be releasing one of the said beasts your way, safely of course.