Sunshine And Free Leopards From Microsupply Scotland

Scotland is having a heatwave !!! All of us in the office have gone slightly crazed with the sunshine, coupled with the large tin of chocolates that arrived with the return of our Office Manager from her holidays !! 

Whilst we are all here stuck in the office supplying price matching quotes for printer cartridges, toners and drums, our brazen Micro Moggies have scampered to the sunshine for a much needed dose of rays. Being originally from hot continents - Basildon, they're obviously struggling a bit in the Scottish climate. 

Jet The Leopard, is enjoying this heat a treat, and don't worry folks - he's not been shot - he's simply having a lie down on a local log pile! Join our happy customers - and you too could be having your own exciting adventures with these Micro Moggies - free with new toner and drum orders - restrictions apply.