Kodak Twins And The Automatic Pencil Sharpener

Our poor wee Kodak Cubs - since the sunshine has vanished from our Scottish skies, our twin lion cubs are looking a tad soulful - and whilst we keep finding interesting tasks for them to do in our office - I must admit that their heartbreaking stares from the corner of my desk, is tempting me to put them back in their box, sorry, I meant - specially designed rest area !

Am really not sure what their issue is - any Basildon born lion cub would usually leap at the chance to alphabetise our laser toner stock, or arrange our padded envelopes in size order. Sheesh - even when I said they could sharpen all the pencils with the automatic sharpener (who doesn't LOVE an automatic sharpener ???? ) - they didn't seem too motivated -  and starting sulking, saying something about "gazelles" and "Rafiki was much more fun".

I'll have to get them out and about for some duck chasing or something less stationery based - they may have become overloaded with stock taking, or perhaps they've just been listening to way too much local radio - it can do that to me too.

Anyway, if you think you could create more fun for these fine, furry wonders - and need to order some toner or drums for your printer at the same time, then get in touch. We have the whole range of species here, in terms of Micro Moggies as well as Original or Compatible printer goods - and whilst we can vouch for our compatible printer products with a triple guarantee, we can't say the same about the troublesome Moggies, but you're sure better off hugging the Moggies than the toners !