Micro Moggie Family Office Freebies Scotland

Some of our printer consumable customers have been so taken with their freebie of Micro Moggies, that they want to home the whole family of them !! Adorable and more fun than is usually possible with a soft furry beast - here are pictures of each member of the Micro Moggie family for your perusal - and whilst none are any sweeter than each other, we thought we'd put them on show for your choice.

Inky The Panther

Jet The Leopard

Lex The Lion

Linux The Snow Tiger

Kodak The Cub 

Spot The Snow Leopard

Trevor The Tiger

It took me some time to tame them all and sit for photos, but I got there eventually. The choice of Moggie is up to you when you order either 3 toners, or 2 drums. Rehome them before we have !!!