Tree Trunks, Cattle Grids and Office Supplies

Trying to enjoy as much of this glorious Autumn sunshine as possible, and also avoid total anarchy in the office at the same time. I am delighted to say that when I put down my laser toner obsessed mind, and picked up the livelier two of our Micro Moggies for a lunchtime wander - the sun, indeed stayed out for us.   Such a happy sight to see them up a tree, and whilst the sun was not the heat they are used to - you could see their obvious appreciation in their little glassy eyes !!

Unfortunately, you could also see their fear as they struggled on the way back to the office - mighty trees and hunting gazelles - no bother, but when it comes to cattle grid - a definite struggle ensued.

With a stifled smirk, the wee cubs were saved from the evil jaws of the cattle grid, and we were all back in the safety of Microsupply head quarters, and much happier to be there too.

To have your own Micro Moggie to enjoy adventures with, all you have to do is either become a new MicroSupply  customer, choosing from our range of high quality compatibles or original printer products, or as a regular customer who orders 3 or more toners or 2 or more drums.