Snow Tigers In Office Supply Microsupply Scotland

Yes folks, the first snow of winter has officially landed in Perth, Scotland. So far only a light smattering of the cold stuff has reached us - hopefully we will not be quite as blessed as last year - which people may or may not be happy about. Our Snow Tiger, Linux- one of our Micro Moggies, seems to have forgot the joys of  his natural habitat, this happens when you spend some time in the UK, and is looking very unimpressed whilst hiding in a bush - seems his little paws were getting a bit frosty.

If any this waffle interests you in terms of a free Micro Moggie - similar to Streak which can be yours free with your first order of printer consumables, or if you require some snow survival gear to be sent to your home or office - please get in touch. The Microsupply Team are here to supply whatever you need. 0845 6445200 - or use our Online Contact Form