Best Back Support Office Supply Deals UK

Needing a little genuine support - 
try the Fellowes Office Suite Back Support Mesh Fabric with Tri-tensioner.
Thanks to the mesh fabric, you can be supported in comfort allowing air to flow freely as the Tri Tensioned product adapts to your body's contours offering maximum support.

RRP £44.86 Microsupply: £29.99

To order this product call 0845 644 5200
Offer lasts as long as stock does too !

We are told this is the most advanced back support made in the industry. With three points of attachment, re adjustment is no longer an issue. 2 tiered separately memory foam panels which mould to your body's contours. offering optimum support.  The Ultimate Back Support design offers mid spinal as well as lumbar support - guaranteed to correct your sitting position, though possibly not your line of work.

RRP £56.80 Microsupply Offer Price £34.70 

Again, this order will last as long as our stocks do.
The number to phone for a happier spine is 0845 6445200