Microsupply Make For Happy Customers

Office supplies - how do you get yours ? With so many firms out there, the choice is without a doubt a buyers market. Many businesses jump on the cheeriest and cheapest websites, grab the bargains and print away - figuring one toner is much the same as another. Anyone who has tried anything other than original printer products knows this really is not the case. The variety of toners and drum prices obviously come with a range of efficiency and standards - and whilst we like to find good prices, we LOATHE to provide poor products.  The most expensive printer consumables are original products, but the next best thing you can feed your printer on are RE MANUFACTURED COMPATIBLES- ours come with our price match beating policy as well as a triple guarantee, where all your possible worries are covered by our super helpful safe guards. 

COMPATIBLE TONER COMPANIES - there can be only one ! Actually, this is not true..... 

How some Office Suppliers make us feel
Admittedly, companies do share similar offers from the same trade suppliers - at varying prices. Whilst this means you can shop around and find the very best deal on offer in terms of stationery, printer and other office essentials - problems can crop up when you try to actually contact the supplier - only to discover a deeply unhelpful phone operator - or a unimpressive answer machine.  

We are aware this is not the best way to run the show, and although we do share offers from trade suppliers - we not only aim to price match or beat any price that you can find, we'll do this in a mighty human and user friendly way via the phone, internet or in person - our team here at Microsupply love to take your call, and to supply you with just the right product from our online catalogue, or elsewhere. Contact us with a product and we will find the BEST result for you. 

Sophie and Peter - our Mobile Microsupply Team
Our new team members are now heading out to small and medium companies locally - we know that many customers like to meet and know their suppliers. Whilst we are essentially about products - we are also about people - it's what makes the world go round - extending our personal service in real life as well over over the telephone or virtually through the web.