How To Fix Four Printer Issues

We know this is a monitor, but you get the idea...

We need them, but we don't particularly want them - but printers are an essential part of work life.  For some reason, even the best quality of printers can produce glitches, malfunctions, infuriation - whatever you want to call those little printer moments that can compel you want to make your output device more mobile than it's meant to be.

ISSUE #1 Toner not registering in the machine
- Check that the shipping lock has been removed !!
- Try wiping the chip with a cloth
- Remove the toner, await the "No Toner" message and then re insert.

ISSUE #2 Producing Faint Prints
- Check that the shipping lock has been removed !!!
- Carefully remove the toner, give it a 20 second shake and reinsert
- If still no joy, check the paper setting on your printer property settings ie. photo paper

ISSUE #3 Streaks and Voids In The Prints
- Shake the toner and re insert
- Adjust the printer light/darkness settings - the fault is likely to disappear

ISSUES #4 Toner Brushing Off The Page
- Try changing the paper type, as it may be too smooth
- If this doesn't help, check the paper setting on printer property settings
- Also check the status of the Fuser Unit, it may need replacing.

More handy printer tips to come, none of which involve throwing it out of the nearest window.