No Hammers Needed To Fix Printers

Another day, another dollar, another gaggle of essential printer guidance, none of which involve a hammer or tranquillisers.  To discover our other tips lists try HERE, and also HERE.

ISSUE #9 Showing Empty On Machine
- Remove the toner and switch off the machine and re insert the unit.
- Please reset the printer setting

ISSUE #10 Poor Printer Quality
- Please check that the shipping lock has been removed.
- Give the toner a good shake and re insert it in the printer.
- Check the paper settings on the printer.

ISSUE #11 Toner Will Not Fit In The Machine
- Check the code on the box and toner itself. Do they match ?
- What is the model of the printer - check it corresponds with the toner you are trying to fit.
- Does the toner look like the old toner that has just been removed ?
- Contact your supplier if the problem is not rectified, or you have been supplied the wrong item.

ISSUE #12 Toner Ghosting On The Prints
-Please turn the printer off for 10 minutes to rectify the issue.
- Please check the fuser mode, it needs to be set to the correct media type you are using.
- If you're having light ghosting problems - your settings will be set too high, if the ghosting is dark - the settings are too low.