National Stationery Day Microsupply Office Supplies UK

So many ways to love your stationery! For some, office supplies mean nothing but lost biros and envelope angst, but to many of us the pleasures that can come from a perfectly kitted out desktop, can bring a sense of ovewhelming contentment.

Ok, so having the correct equipment DOES not mean that the work will do itself, but it may provide a sense of optimum readiness - even if it means that you spend the time arranging your sparkling gel pens and squaring up your 100 gsm pastel coloured paper, safe in the knowledge that when the work pours from your brain through your pen onto said paper - it will indeed be a most perfect experience.

Share the love - send a letter.

 Maybe, in my excitement of National Stationery Day, I've gone too far - and yes, it is about what you do with the tools of your trade that matter, not essentially the tools themselves. NSD is today and it is actually about putting pen (any pen) to paper (any paper) and sharing your thoughts, news or thanks with anyone - perhaps someone you've got out of touch with, or even someone you see every day. Whilst emails and texts are swift and common place, there is a certain joy in receiving a card or letter through the post, or even hidden under the pillow.

And there is no need to keep your letter writing abilities to just one day - try to aim to send a latter or card once a month, to someone different - you'll be surprised the affect it brings !