May The Fourth Be With Microsupply UK

It would just be plain wrong of me to not post this image - even though I admit it DIDN'T come from me, and has been flying round the web for some time now.  But how could I get through the day - May The Fourth - International Star Wars Appreication Day WITHOUT blogging about the perfect crossover between Office Supplies and the realms of the most popular Sci-Fi daddy of all films EVER !!!

By the gathering of a few sorts of popular office essentials - bulldog clips (2 x large, 2 x small) 4 paper fasteners, a pencil sharpener, permanent marker - or other wide pen, and 4 x lidded biros - you too can posess your own effigy of the remarkable X Fighter.  Obviously this would not take priority in any work load you currently address, but I'm sure a little home work wouldn't go amiss - especially on May The Fourth !!
Pretty good eh ?