Mura Book Shelf Storage Units From Microsupply

Mura have come up with an ideal set of units that can be mixed and matched; with a range of shelving, drawers and doors to achieve the storage solutions that suit you exactly. The two shelf and five shelf bookshelves can exist in their own, or have either walnut or white faced doors attached to some or all of the unit.  Drawers are also an option and can be co-ordinated as needed.   As you can see from image above - a variety of storage can be put together, giving you the freedom to add to the arrangement if needs be.

Five Shelf Wide Bookcase
H x 2167mm, W x 800mm, D x 362mm
Hard wearing melamine
Code: 71404451

Microsupply Price: £204.99
         Five Shelf Narrow Bookcase
         H x 2167mm, D x 362mm, W x 400mm
         Hard wearing melamine
         Code: 71400451

         Microsupply Price: £189.99
Two Shelf Wide Bookcase
H x 1115mm, D x 362mm, W x 800mm
Hard wearing melamine

Microsupply Price: £139.99


Medium Doorset - White Code: 71466451  Walnut Code: - will fit 3 spaces in the Two Shelf Bookcase or the Five Shelf Bookcase  Microsupply Price £69.99

Low Door Set - White Code: 71467451 Walnut Code: 71467446 - Will fit 2 spaces in the Two Shelf Bookcase or the Five Shelf Bookcase  Microsupply Price: £39.99

High Door SetWhite Code: 71464451  Walnut Code: 71464446
Will fill 6 spaces in the Five Shelf Wide Bookcase to turn the unit into a cupboard
Microsupply Price: £81.99

Drawers For Shelving Unit  
Suitable for the wide bookcases - will fill one space on either the two or five shelf bookcases featured above. Come in either Walnut or White.
White Code: 71426451 Walnut Code: 71426446
Microsupply Price: £55.99

All items require easy self assembly, all prices exclude VAT and delivery. Contact or phone 0845 6445200