New England Teknik Furniture Microsupply UK

Elegant modern shaker style desk with crisp white finish, groove detailing and burnished cup handles. Features an in-built keyboard drawer and separate mouse shelf. Right hand pedestal offers ample suspension filing and two stationery drawers. Sleek compact design.

 • 4 shelf bookcase
• Modern shaker style design
• Crisp white finish
• Generous shelf space providing maximum capacity
• Groove detailing with elegant formed edging

Dimensions W x60cm D x 34cm H x 124cm
Microsupply price of £149.99

  • Solid wood frame single pedestal desk
  • Crisp white finish with burnished metal cup handles
  • Right hand pedestal offering suspension filing for A4 documents as well as two stationery drawers
  • Compact design with separate mouse shelf and keyboard drawer

Dimensions W x 122cm, D x 53.5cm, H x 76cm
Microsupply price of £199.99

  • Robust wooden chair
  • Modern shaker style design
  • Crisp white finish
Dimensions W x 42cm, H x 43cm, D x 40cm
Microsupply price of £89.99

  • Solid wood frame side table
  • Suspension file drawer- accepts foolscap documents
  • Stationery drawer
  • Burnished cup handles
  • Groove detailing with elegant formed edging
Dimensions H x 63cm, W x 56cm
Microsupply price of £145.99

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