Teknik Ice Workstation Microsupply Office Furniture

 It's kind of a marmite thing I think, glass furniture - whilst is sure looks sleek and contemporary, offering clean lines and the illusion of not taking up any space at all - I could well believe that many would live in fear of putting the lightest item on the glass surfaces, or placing their feet ANYWHERE near the item.

Our Teknik Ice Workstation should allay any of these fears - constructed with tempered glass and chrome fittings, this ergonomically designed unit provides safety and style in one swift self assembled moment, or two. Not only does the pull out drawers address space saving issues, the storage shelf allows you to keep your possessions close to hand without creating tripping hazards or unsightly baggage arrangements.

Dimensions for Ice Workstation

Worktop Width 89 cm
Worktop Depth (max) 54 cm
Worktop Height 75 cm

The unit is self assembled, but with clear and easy instructions included, this is just one example of our new range of Teknik Contemporary Furniture for the home and office. 

Get in touch with nina@microsupply.co.uk to find out more.

Microsupply Price £99.99