Wages, Payslips, Continuous Forms and Invoices

Wages, Payslips, Continuous Forms and Invoices.
Everybody loves pay day and we love to see how much money is going to be delivered into the bank.  Here is a selection on how to deliver that wonderful news to your employees by using our range of :

  • Payslips
  • Continuous 2/3/4 Part Forms and Invoice
  • Continuous 2/3/4 Statements and Remittance Forms
  • Wages Envelopes
Our products can be used with Iris Payroll, Pegasus Capital, Opera and Senior.  We also have a range of forms for use with Sage Premier and Sage Software.

If you would like a no obligation quote then email nina@microsupply.co.uk or call the Microsupply Office Perth on 0845 644 5200.

Bring on Pay Day!!