What can be Recycled

What can be Recycled for the Appeal?
Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones..As of February 2005, there are officially more mobile phones than people in the UK. 78% of the UK population currently own at least one mobile phone, and research shows phones are upgraded every 18 months on average. How many old mobiles do you have hiding in your drawers and cupboards?

Printer Cartridges...

Original branded Toner and inkjet cartridges are found in the millions of printers, fax machines and desktop copiers around the UK. More than 1 billion ink cartridges are used each year around the world – most are thrown away. What happens to the cartridges you use?

We can uplift the original branded product such as Brother, Canon, HP, Oki,  Samsung, Sharp etc.  Sorry we only collect original branded cartridges, at this time we are unable to collect compatibles.


Personal Digital Assistants, Palm Pilots, Blackberries – in our increasingly wired world, the variety of communication tools available changes quickly. If you’re keeping up with the latest technology, the Recycling Appeal can use your old products to support your choice of Recycling Appeal.

All types of PDAs are accepted - units complete with battery and charger command higher values.

                               Help your office,  Help the environment, Help a charity